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Domestic and Global brokerage services

Invest without limits

CapitalOne offers clients a wide range of brokerage services at the highest level of execution quality and competitive rates.

Our brokerage service allows clients to trade and invest in Equities, fixed income and derivatives domestically and on the global capital markets.

For Clients who want hands on approach we offer DMA access via our electronic trading platforms for both domestic and global capital markets.

CapitalOne is the leading Broker in Serbia for clients wanting to trade and invest globally.

CapitalOne, is the leading investment and brokerage firm in Serbia for trading and investing on global capital markets with 18 years experience and have the largest international investment portfolio and the highest international trading volume of Serbian companies.

Through CapitalOne, Investors receive unlimited access to all major world capital markets and a complete selection of all kinds of securities and derivatives in the best conditions.

Trade on Belgrade stock exchange (BSE) or global market from anywhere in the world via our platform.

We have enabled a simple but effective on-line application for trading on the BSE. With just a few clicks you can buy or sell securities on BSE. We have ensured real time data and market depth up to 10-th level. At any time you can see your portfolio as well as its current value.

World Stock Market:For clients who wish to trade on the world markets we provide them on-line platform which have direct access to the world's largest markets : NYSE, AMEX NASDAQ, BATS, LSE, DAX, CAC, TSE, Tokyo, EURONEXT, etc..

Take the opportunity to trade stocks, bonds, options, futures, ETF and CFD’s, in over 100 markets around the world, 24 hours a day, and 5 days a week.

All this allows you to find the best and most favorable market conditions.

If you want to become our client you can find out more about required documentation at: Open an investment account.

For additional information, please contact our operators by phone: +381 11 785 8800.

CapitalOne offers clients top level products and services for trading and investing in Serbian fixed income instruments on the domestic or international OTC markets.

The Republic of Serbia issues bonds in three different denominations (RSD, U$S and Euro) and with CapitalOne, investors get top level access and execution for all three bond types in both the primary auction and secondary markets.

CapitalOne is the only financial institution that offers advanced and comprehensive system of on- line trading in derivatives on global markets with direct access and real-time data and market depth.

Take the opportunity to trade futures, options, CFDs and ETF Securities, in over 100 markets around the world, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Maximize your investment potential, using leverage for qualified customers. Manage your investment risk with a wide range of hedging instruments (options, CFD’s).

Use the opportunity that you are given and become our client: Open account.

  • Exchange rate (Middle exchange rate of NBS for RSD)