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Portfolio management

CapitalOne offers portfolio management services where on investment goals and risk profile of our clients we create a specific investment strategy. Our investment strategy is based on taking advantage of the credit spreads of emerging market high yield bonds and current global refinancing rates i.e. the spreads between the currently low interest rates in the Euro zone and US markets used to finance the portfolio versus current YTM yields available on selected emerging markets (EM) sovereign bonds.

The investment model is based on building a portfolio of EM high yield bonds with high coupon rates, preferably with semi-annual pay outs, generating strong cash flow and which are accepted as collateral in order to refinance the portfolio at historically low money market rates. Applying the appropriate leverage ratios (depending on the risk profile) allows us to augment the yields of these bonds and achieve substantially higher returns on capital invested.

  • Exchange rate (Middle exchange rate of NBS for RSD)