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Serbian Fixed Income Market

Over the last few years the Serbian sovereign debt market has arguably been the best performing sector of the Serbian capital markets with total returns outperforming many equities. It represents one of the most compelling fixed income investment opportunites in the region.

Serbia like most sovereign in the region issues bonds in U$D, €uro and RSD(Serbian Dinar) denominations. All issues offer substantially higher yields relative to other sovereigns in the region but with marginally increamental risk to the investor.

The most compelling opportunities, at the moment, are in the €uro and U$D issues due to their attractive yields, high coupons rates and lack of FX risk.

CapitalOne is the leading non bank participant in the Serbian fixed income market and offer our clients access to primary auctions and the domestic and international OTC markets.

We are also the market leader in developing structured fixed income investment products which allows our clients to further augment their invesment and thus substanital increase thier returns.

Please contact us for further details on investment opportunites in Serbian fixed income market.

  • Exchange rate (Middle exchange rate of NBS for RSD)